"Glow from the inside, out"

"Get your glow on!

Are you ready to get your glow on??


Level 1 Beds (20 minute max)-$6.99

Level 2 Beds (15 minute max)-$9.99

Level 3 Beds (12 minute max)- $12.99

Level 3 Stand-Up (13 minute max)-$12.99

Mystic Tan- Sunless Tanning (Light/Medium)-$32.00

Mystic Tan-Sunless Tanning (Dark)-$36.00

Mystic Add Ins:

Single Bronzers- $1.50
Triple Bronzers-$2.50

Unlimited Level 1 & 2 Tanning

1 week- $15.99 

            1 month- $49.99              

           3 months-$114.99 ($38.33/month)          

             6 months-$169.99 ($28.33/month)          

1 year-$204.99 ($17.08/month) 

Unlimited Level 3 Tanning

1 week-$49.99

1 month-$84.99

 3 months-$194.99 ($64.99/month)

 6 months-$349.99 ($58.33/month)

1 year-$394.99 ($32.92/month)

**Unlimited visits during time purchased. Memberships are time sensitive.


Unlimited Mystic Tanning

1 month-$79.99

3 months-$179.97 ($59.99/month)

6 months-$299.94 ($49.99/month)

1 year-$479.88 ($39.99/month)

**Unlimited visits during time purchased. Memberships are time sensitive. Spray tans are limited to 4 per month. Additional spray tans $10.00 each visit

Red Light Therapy

Session- &7.99

Session (add-on) with a membership or service-$4.99

1 week-$28.99

1 month-$78.99

3 months-$168.99 ($56.33/month)

6 months-$299.94 ($49.99/month)

1 year-$358.99 ($29.91/month)

Teeth Whitening

15 minute session (1 kit)-$45.00

30 minute session (2 kits)-$79.00

45 minute session (3 kits)-$99.00

Take Home Whitening Kit-$45.00

UV Whitening Kit-$20.00

Chic Flic Whitening Pen & Lip Gloss Plumper-$25.00

Mini Whitening Pen-$10.00

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