"Glow from the inside, out"

"Get your glow on!

Since BodyGlow wants everyone to look their best, we also offer cosmetic teeth whitening.  Vital tooth whitening, when administered correctly, is by all accounts one of the safest, most conservative, least expensive, and most effective aesthetic procedures currently available to customers. Procedure is complete in 30 minutes and shows instant results.

 Here are the steps to a "glowing' smile:

  • Your teeth are polished and dammed (Special Isolation to prevent bleaching material getting in contact with your gums).
  • Teeth whitening “bleaching” gel is applied and activated with an LED light for 8-15 minutes.
  • The process is repeated 2-3 times depending on desired color to be achieved and teeth tolerance.
  • Leave BodyGlow and smile at the world! 
  • Come back in 3 months to whiten again.

In-Salon Whitening Kits

Self-Administered Teeth Whitening Kits are sold by the kit; each kit allows for up to 15 minutes of teeth whitening.Many people need 45 minutes to see results (3 kits). Buying 3 kits saves you money and gets you closer to your desired results.

At-Home Whitening Kits

Once you achieve your desired results in the salon, maintain your smile by using the home whitening kit. This kit includes mouth tray, gel applicators, and storage case; allows for 15-17 applications.

UV Whitening Kits

Once you achieve your desire results in the salon, kill two birds with one stone and maintain your smile while you tan! This kit includes Vitamin E Swab, shade guide, teeth wipe, mouth piece and whitening pen. Whitening your teeth while you tan is perfect for those in a hurry!




Teeth Whitening Pen

This sleek, unisex pen with a brushed aluminum casing is the most convenient solution in whitening. It brightens teeth on the run without messy strips or rinsing. Simply click it, apply it, and smile!

Chic Flic Teeth Whitening & Lip Plumper Pen

The Chic Flic Teeth Whitening and Lip Glosser Pen is one of the most popular products in the White Blitz line and for good reason. This sleek product is perfect for on the run teeth whitening and also doubles as a lip gloss plumper on the pen’s other side. The dual-sided pen is small enough to fit neatly into a purse; definitely something to rave about. The pen also features built-in mini LED lights and mirrors so applying the Chic Flic Teeth Whitening Pen can truly be done anytime, anywhere.